Deep State

I Remember When America Was A Free Country


Dear Readers, In the Western World truth, justice, and liberty are in total collapse. They cannot be resurrected and restored without information. Few people have that information. The young are born into what exists, and as the tyranny increases year by year, tyranny becomes the natural order to them. Indeed, they do not recognize tyranny. Their cell phones, social media, and the Internet give them the illusion of freedom. The old are lost in the controversies of their time: The Russians are communists, only hippies, left-wingers, and communists distrust the great and good US government. In short, the vast bulk of the American people haven’t a clue. When readers ask me to tell them the solution, what to do, my answer is that nothing can be done until enough people are informed. Informing is my job. Support my efforts and those of a few others whose only agenda is to inform.

The shadow government meets in Turin


While Europe is clarifying relations with American President Donald Trump in Canada, and Russian President Vladimir Putin is strengthening economic relations with China, an equally serious meeting is taking place in the heart of Europe. On June 7-10, representatives of the world elite will gather in the Italian city of Turin - prominent politicians, businessmen, bankers and journalists - to hold the annual meeting of the Bilderberg club.

The Futility of Electoral Politics


There was a time when I felt obliged to argue for certain propositions. However, we have now reached a stage where these propositions can be taken as at least a working hypothesis.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)


Hungarian scientist Zsuzsa Bardocs, German Economist F. William Engdahl, British activist Dr. Brian John and Indian scientist Dr. Vandana Shiva discusses Genetically Engineered Food aka GMOs.  This video includes a partial list of genetically modified food.