Turkey is looking for a place in the BRICS


The last summit of the organization in Johannesburg, in addition to the permanent members of the bloc - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - invited leaders of several African countries, Argentina and Turkey. Speaking at the summit, Erdogan asked Turkey to join the alliance and already came up with its new name - BRICST

Eurasian Economic Transformation Goes Forward


At this juncture it’s clear that the attempt of the Trump Administration and related circles in the US military industrial complex have failed in their prime objective, that of driving a permanent wedge between Russia and China, the two great

The US is trying to destroy the BRICS


Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parikarra arrives today on an official visit to the United States. It is expected that the politician will sign an agreement with the US on the mutual use of each other's military bases (Logistics Exchange Memorandum). This document is one of many that demonstrate the convergence between India and the US undermining the unity of the BRICS bloc. Also today, US State Secretary John Kerry will arrive in New Delhi to participate in the US-Indian Strategic Dialogue.