De-Balkanization, Inwardly


I am by no means an expert on the Balkans, and the only reason I can get glimpses of knowing the forest from the Balkan trees is by seeing the congruencies and drawing parallelisms between it and the Levant; a region I know well.

Montenegro, Russia, and NATO


The first instance of official Russian – Montenegrin diplomatic contact was made in 1711, when Russian Tsar Peter the Great sent his envoys to Vladika (Bishop) Danilo, ruler of Montenegro.

What are the Americans doing in the Balkans?


What is happening in the Balkans actually demonstrates that the US apparatus is not immune to divisions. What’s more, the deepest divisions that exist in political and security spheres afflict the United States. Another center of power thinks that it is high time for Plan B. Plan B involves conceptualizing how to construct a new political and security architecture in the Balkans through controlled crises.