Trump And The Balkans


There’s a lot of talk in the Balkans about what sort of a leader Trump will be and how his foreign policy will impact on the region.

WWIII: The Balkan Stage for a Turkey-EU War


The first potential unrest could be in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Composed of Bosnian-Croatian and Serbian Republics and as a weak confederation founded after the Dayton Peace Agreement, Bosnia’s future mainly depends on the support of the EU.

Sparks in the Balkans


As the geopolitical situation in the world changes, the same is happening in the Balkans. However, the US is making it clear that it will not allow its hegemony to be so easily eliminated. Tough rhetoric is once prevalent in the Balkans.

A Balkan Trojan Horse is unleashed, again


Liberland and its form of appearance as a combination of multilevel marketing, an NGO style organization, anarchism, hippy, globetrotting and contemporary pop politics create a new chimera of the declining Hollywood style idiocracy which, unfortunately, continuously poisons Balkans and entire Globe.

Russia should support Serbian patriots


As you know, we recently had elections. Afterwards, there was the long process of forming the new government. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic delayed the decision several times and dragged the process out for several months.