Truth in America R.I.P.


In “freedom and democracy” America there is only official truth, and it is a lie.  A person or website that speaks real truth is shunted aside as a “conspiracy theorist,” “Russian agent,”

The Struggle for the Soul of Humanity

By Corrado Giaquinto

There is a real straggle now for the soul of humanity. And for me, because I am a Jew and Israeli, the role that Jews play in this entire world conflict is essential. As usual, Jews are a kind of in the middle of both sides. And that is a very interesting situation.

Misunderstanding Trump's America


For the “real” America, the America of Clinton, Soros, the America of Global plutocracy and evangelical Transgenderism, the America of drone strikes and regime change, the America which represents the last genuine totalitarian Ideology on earth, is a problem for which there is only one solution: Liquidation.

Columbus Day


Today is Columbus Day celebrating the discovery of America. The 8th of November, the presidential election day in the United States, is inexorably moving closer.