Alexander Azadgan

Multi-awarded adjunct professor of Strategic Global Management & International Political Economy as well as a senior geopolitical analyst with Iran’s Press TV, commenting on various international relations, geo-socio-economic, and strategic geo-political issues, especially those pertaining to the West Asia, North Africa, Eurasia, Europe and the North America regions. He has written over 100 academic articles, commentaries, and op-ed pieces. He has also won numerous teaching awards, including the prestigious “Influential Educator Recognition Award” at UCI (University of California Irvine). He is an American of Iranian descent and is based in Laguna Beach, California, USA.

Author publications

Title Pub Date Languagesort descending
The Karma of Washington’s Notorious Interference in Other Countries’ Elections 29.12.2016 енглески
A Case Against Saudi Arabia: the War in Yemen, the Iranian Angle and the Israeli Meddling 11.01.2019 енглески
Purging Russia From the Evil Rothschild Money Changers 19.08.2016 енглески
A Naked Reality of the Modern World’s Social, Political, and Economic Order 30.04.2018 енглески
Iranian deal: One year of frustration 19.07.2016 енглески
The Iranian Supreme Leader’s Message to the Hajj Pilgrims 15.09.2016 енглески
How America Treats its Neighbors 10.04.2017 енглески
The All-Out Failed Attempt of the “Elite” to Defeat Brexit 27.06.2016 енглески
The Tragedy That Has Become Syria 07.09.2016 енглески
Divided States of America 05.01.2017 енглески
Brexit, NATO and the Dangerous Uncertainties Brewing in Europe 29.03.2019 енглески
Current World Debt Crisis and its Geo-economic Ramification 08.04.2016 енглески
We are at a point of major geopolitical changes in the Middle East 21.08.2016 енглески
The Imposition of Artificial States in the Middle East: The Case of Saudi Arabia and Israel 01.06.2018 енглески
How to Achieve Greatness: A To-Do List for President-Elect Trump 24.12.2016 енглески
Misplaced Outrage Over Peaceful Protest & the Rabblerousing of Trump 15.06.2018 енглески
A Scathing Geopolitical Review of President Trump’s First 100 Days in Office 17.04.2017 енглески
Hillary Clinton and Kleptocratic Corporate Oligarchy 01.07.2016 енглески
Even Washington’s puppets are tired of being puppets 08.09.2016 енглески
The Many Global Angles of UK’s Blacklisting of the Lebanese Hezbollah and the West’s Continuous Hypocrisy 04.04.2019 енглески
Iran in focus 11.04.2016 енглески
The Many Geopolitical Miscalculations of Saudi Arabia 07.10.2016 енглески
A Fake Populist with Zero Understanding of International Trade: More Trump Oversimplifications 19.07.2018 енглески
The Iranian Parliamentary & the Assembly of Experts Elections and Their Consequences 03.03.2016 енглески