Steve Turley

Steve Turley (Ph.D., Durham University) is an internationally recognized scholar, speaker, and blogger at He is the author of Awakening Wonder: A Classical Guide to Truth, Goodness, and Beauty and The Ritualized Revelation of the Messianic Age: Washings and Meals in Galatians and 1 Corinthians. Steve is a teacher of Theology and Rhetoric at Tall Oaks Classical School in Newark, DE, and Professor of Fine Arts at Eastern University.

Author publications

Title Pub Datesort ascending Language
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Democrats are LEAVING the Party in Droves 22.10.2019 English
CNN’s Airport Monopoly Is FINALLY Coming to an END 17.10.2019 English
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North Korea and Trump’s Amazing Art of the Deal 04.07.2019 English
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Sweden Elections: Nationalist Right Surge Forces Political Realignment 20.09.2018 English
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Viktor Orban: We Stand at the Verge of a European Renaissance 16.07.2018 English
Nationalism Winning: The Globalist Media Is Starting to Panic 22.05.2018 English
Why the YouTube Purge will only Fuel the Populist Surge! 26.04.2018 English
Theophany: The Cosmic Significance of Christ's Baptism 13.02.2018 English
What is Beauty and Why does it Matter? 15.11.2017 English
The Militaristic Rituals of North Korea 15.09.2017 English
Hank Hanegraaff Converts to Eastern Orthodoxy: Here’s Why 27.04.2017 English
Neoliberalism: The Ideology That has no Future 28.02.2017 English
Russia and U.S. Finding Solidarity in Pro-Life Causes 20.02.2017 English
The future of Christianity is promising 27.01.2017 English
The Reawakening of Christian Civilization in Eastern Europe 19.01.2017 English
President Trump and the Global Religious Right 02.12.2016 English
President Trump and America’s Post-Liberal Future 15.11.2016 English
A Christian Renewal? What the Brexit Means for Traditionalists 14.10.2016 English