Stacy Little

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Failed Negotiations: Whose Fault? 28.02.2019 English
Is New Holocaust Possible in Europe? 20.02.2019 English
Has the US Anti-Iran Coalition Failed? 15.02.2019 English
Why Did Trump Assemble the EU, the Arabs and Israel in Warsaw? 13.02.2019 English
Netanyahu Makes a Bet on Trump 04.02.2019 English
Germany entered the fray with the European Commission for the "Nord Stream-2" 31.01.2019 English
Shutdown Ended. But For How Long? 25.01.2019 English
Guaido vs. Maduro: How Trump Tries to Change President in Venezuela 24.01.2019 English
Negotiations failed: the United States called the exit date of the INF 17.01.2019 English
The dispute over the INF Treaty revealed the helplessness of Europe 08.01.2019 English
Will the "United States of Europe" Survive? 17.12.2018 English
May has retained the post of prime minister, but lost Britain 13.12.2018 English
Who came up with the "yellow vests"? 03.12.2018 English
Mueller is ready to deliver a decisive blow to Trump 26.11.2018 English
Trump ruins the price of oil with the hands of Saudi Arabia 21.11.2018 English
Why May's new Brexit project will hurt the UK economy 15.11.2018 English
Short meeting: Putin and Trump talked on the sidelines of the Elysian Palace 12.11.2018 English
Russian Spies: Austria Found Alibi to Extend EU Sanctions 09.11.2018 English
Sanctions against Iran: Denmark became Trump's “fifth column” 31.10.2018 English
China is on the warpath. Who will be the first victim? 30.10.2018 English
Bomb in the mailbox. What was it? 25.10.2018 English
What did Trump's adviser want in Moscow 24.10.2018 English
The Right Wave in World Politics - Brazil Has Its Own "Trump" 08.10.2018 English
UN Defended Iran From the US Sanctions 04.10.2018 English
Israel or Iran, Who Hides the Nukes? 01.10.2018 English