Sergey Latyshev

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Government or Wall. Trump went for broke 09.01.2019 English
Germany Will be Saved By the "Alternative" 09.10.2018 English
Germany repatriates its overseas gold reserves for its stability 30.08.2017 English
Germany in political crisis 22.11.2017 English
German Journalists are Blamed for Refugees Crisis 28.07.2017 English
Freedom House Smacks Alarm: Globalists Lose Control Over the World 08.02.2019 English
France ready to let migrants and pedophiles teach children sex education 21.11.2017 English
Forever chancellor: Merkel plans to retain the post 20.07.2017 English
Fighting with monuments as a symptom of America's suicide 25.08.2017 English
Everyone drowns: migrants, EU countries, Politicians 04.07.2018 English
Europe has lost its election 27.05.2019 English
EU helps US plunge Middle East into chaos 05.02.2019 English
Erdogan demands billions of euros from Europe, threatening to release crowds of refugees 06.09.2019 English
Empty Threat: Why Trump Cannot Destroy Iran 26.06.2019 English
Elections in Spain: Pyrrhic victory of the socialists, the moral victory of the "far-right" 29.04.2019 English
Donald Trump has come up with a promising way to stop illegal migration 31.05.2019 English
China introduces the first real sanctions against the USA 12.07.2019 English
China expels the US from the global world 12.04.2018 English
Childless “Future” of Europe 17.05.2017 English
Business with Gaddafi brought trouble on Sarkozy 21.03.2018 English
Britain will lose Falkland in the event of exit from the EU. Anyway 25.10.2018 English
Britain is being pushed out of the EU 22.03.2019 English
Asylum for bribes: Migration officials of Germany under suspicion 24.05.2018 English
An eye for an eye: Moscow is ready to punish Washington for expelling its diplomats 12.07.2017 English
American-style cleaning: Trump sends out "millions of illegal immigrants" 18.06.2019 English