Sergey Latyshev

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Who and why in Europe turned against Macron and Merkel 12.06.2019 English
Trump's speech in Poland: The West has two enemies - Islamic terrorism and Russia 10.07.2017 English
Political repressions in the United States 05.12.2017 English
The fall of Mussolini: The dictator, who vainly believed in Hitler's "miracle weapon" 25.07.2018 English
America wants to deprive Macedonia of honor and identity 02.10.2018 English
How the US "Democratize" Latin America 25.01.2019 English
Modi and Stalin won elections in India 23.05.2019 English
USA-Germany: The Great Split 31.05.2017 English
Trump consolidates power and gets rid of enemies 30.07.2019 English
Two divisions of radical Islamists are formed in Germany 13.10.2017 English
Illegal migrants disunited Italy and France 14.06.2018 English
Merkel denied Trump and supported Putin 06.09.2018 English
The US and Slavery 18.12.2018 English
Venezuela: Someone Must Go 02.04.2019 English
China introduces the first real sanctions against the USA 12.07.2019 English
The choice of Germany: sanctions on Crimea are to become a formality soon 18.08.2017 English
US intelligence agencies against Trump 20.08.2018 English
Britain will lose Falkland in the event of exit from the EU. Anyway 25.10.2018 English
What is the Purpose of the United States for Withdrawing Troops from Afghanistan? 06.03.2019 English
American-style cleaning: Trump sends out "millions of illegal immigrants" 18.06.2019 English
An eye for an eye: Moscow is ready to punish Washington for expelling its diplomats 12.07.2017 English
Business with Gaddafi brought trouble on Sarkozy 21.03.2018 English
USA - EU: trade war is canceled. For now 27.07.2018 English
Germany Will be Saved By the "Alternative" 09.10.2018 English
Why do German leaders have security problems? 30.01.2019 English