Sergey Latyshev

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New leader of Zimbabwe is Crocodile! 24.11.2017 English
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Why does Trump need two extra years in the White House? 06.05.2019 English
Childless “Future” of Europe 17.05.2017 English
Premier Johnson Suffered First Defeat 26.07.2019 English
US want to strangulate Venezuela with the help of neighbors 21.09.2017 English
Trump began the NATO summit with scandal 11.07.2018 English
Should Europeans be afraid of Trump's revenge? 27.09.2018 English
The monks of Mount Athos are demanding a referendum on the matter of Macedonian deal 21.01.2019 English
Pirates of the Mediterranean: New Adventures of Illegal Migrants 28.03.2019 English
31 Years Ago the USA Shot Down an Iranian Airbus - Wild Crime Left Unpunished 03.07.2019 English
Trump urged the military general to save his administration from the collapse 02.08.2017 English
Asylum for bribes: Migration officials of Germany under suspicion 24.05.2018 English
The Conspiracy of Anglo-Saxon Special Services Against Trump Confirmed 31.08.2018 English
Trump made concessions from China in a trade war 12.12.2018 English
Why Does Israel Want to "Mate" With the European Right? 20.02.2019 English
Who and why in Europe turned against Macron and Merkel 12.06.2019 English
Trump's speech in Poland: The West has two enemies - Islamic terrorism and Russia 10.07.2017 English
Political repressions in the United States 05.12.2017 English
It's Russians, Again! Charlottesville Anniversary 13.08.2018 English
Hispanics are going to seize the US 24.10.2018 English
Modi and Stalin won elections in India 23.05.2019 English
USA-Germany: The Great Split 31.05.2017 English
Trump consolidates power and gets rid of enemies 30.07.2019 English