Sergey Latyshev

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Why were Muslims killed in the city of the Church of Christ? 15.03.2019 English
Merkel does not allow Macron to become Napoleon 18.03.2019 English
Britain is being pushed out of the EU 22.03.2019 English
Pirates of the Mediterranean: New Adventures of Illegal Migrants 28.03.2019 English
Venezuela: Someone Must Go 02.04.2019 English
Radical Islam has declared claims to Sri Lanka 23.04.2019 English
Elections in Spain: Pyrrhic victory of the socialists, the moral victory of the "far-right" 29.04.2019 English
New Attempts of the Trump Administration "Bury" Nord Stream-2 03.05.2019 English
Why does Trump need two extra years in the White House? 06.05.2019 English
Modi and Stalin won elections in India 23.05.2019 English
Europe has lost its election 27.05.2019 English
The Collapse of the Political System of the United Kingdom 28.05.2019 English
Donald Trump has come up with a promising way to stop illegal migration 31.05.2019 English
When will the European Social Democracy retire? 03.06.2019 English
Who and why in Europe turned against Macron and Merkel 12.06.2019 English
American-style cleaning: Trump sends out "millions of illegal immigrants" 18.06.2019 English
UN Report: Nomads are growing in number 20.06.2019 English
Empty Threat: Why Trump Cannot Destroy Iran 26.06.2019 English
The EU Reached a Dead End 02.07.2019 English
31 Years Ago the USA Shot Down an Iranian Airbus - Wild Crime Left Unpunished 03.07.2019 English
Who and why wants to embroil Britain with the USA 10.07.2019 English
China introduces the first real sanctions against the USA 12.07.2019 English
Trump Wins Over Democrats 18.07.2019 English
Yukiya Amano is dead. Will the West seize control of the IAEA? 23.07.2019 English
Premier Johnson Suffered First Defeat 26.07.2019 English