Sergey Latyshev

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Erdogan demands billions of euros from Europe, threatening to release crowds of refugees 06.09.2019 English
Germany in political crisis 22.11.2017 English
The President of Macedonia announced boycott of the NATO referendum 25.09.2018 English
May fails with fictitious Brexit 16.01.2019 English
New Attempts of the Trump Administration "Bury" Nord Stream-2 03.05.2019 English
Politician who wants France to disappear can become its president 26.04.2017 English
Yukiya Amano is dead. Will the West seize control of the IAEA? 23.07.2019 English
Germany repatriates its overseas gold reserves for its stability 30.08.2017 English
Everyone drowns: migrants, EU countries, Politicians 04.07.2018 English
Mogherini announced the closure of the EU project 29.08.2018 English
Who wants to pit Trump and Pence 20.11.2018 English
Britain is being pushed out of the EU 22.03.2019 English
The EU Reached a Dead End 02.07.2019 English
German Journalists are Blamed for Refugees Crisis 28.07.2017 English
Macron Seduces Trump 25.04.2018 English
Migrants crowd tourists on the beaches of Spain 07.08.2018 English
What should Trump do to win the congressional elections and avoid impeachment 19.10.2018 English
New World Order to be Discussed in Munich 12.02.2019 English
When will the European Social Democracy retire? 03.06.2019 English
Qatar - a victim of the United States and its allies 07.07.2017 English
New leader of Zimbabwe is Crocodile! 24.11.2017 English
Should Europeans be afraid of Trump's revenge? 27.09.2018 English
The monks of Mount Athos are demanding a referendum on the matter of Macedonian deal 21.01.2019 English
Why does Trump need two extra years in the White House? 06.05.2019 English
Childless “Future” of Europe 17.05.2017 English