Sergey Latyshev

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Politician who wants France to disappear can become its president 26.04.2017 English
Premier Johnson Suffered First Defeat 26.07.2019 English
Qatar - a victim of the United States and its allies 07.07.2017 English
Queen's Dissatisfaction with New Government Rises 12.08.2019 English
Radical Islam has declared claims to Sri Lanka 23.04.2019 English
Russia will lose the midterm elections in the US 01.08.2018 English
Senators set out to investigate Bannon 02.11.2018 English
Should Europeans be afraid of Trump's revenge? 27.09.2018 English
The choice of Germany: sanctions on Crimea are to become a formality soon 18.08.2017 English
The Collapse of the Political System of the United Kingdom 28.05.2019 English
The Conspiracy of Anglo-Saxon Special Services Against Trump Confirmed 31.08.2018 English
The crisis of the three Bs - Britain, Boris, Brexit 29.08.2019 English
The EU Reached a Dead End 02.07.2019 English
The EU will change the regime in Britain to annoy the US 12.10.2018 English
The fall of Mussolini: The dictator, who vainly believed in Hitler's "miracle weapon" 25.07.2018 English
The monks of Mount Athos are demanding a referendum on the matter of Macedonian deal 21.01.2019 English
The origins of Islamic Terrorism 06.04.2017 English
The President of Macedonia announced boycott of the NATO referendum 25.09.2018 English
The Reason Why Jewish Voters Decide to Vote for “Anti-Semites” and “Fascists” in Germany 25.04.2017 English
The ruling parties in Germany lose voters 24.08.2018 English
The US and Slavery 18.12.2018 English
Trump began the NATO summit with scandal 11.07.2018 English
Trump compared to Hitler to be removed as de Gaulle 23.08.2017 English
Trump consolidates power and gets rid of enemies 30.07.2019 English
Trump Expelled the US Attorney General to Avoid Empeachment 07.11.2018 English