Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb is a British writer, lecturer and broadcaster. He is the author of War and the National Interest: Arguments for a British Foreign Policy

Author publications

Title Pub Datesort ascending Language
A Brief Word on Brexit 03.02.2020 English
The Meaning in England of the New Year 31.12.2019 English
The meaning of Christmas for the Orthodox and the Catholic traditions 23.12.2019 English
Time’s Feathered Arrow 17.12.2019 English
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Brexit and the Democratic Deficit 21.10.2019 English
Boris Johnson: Draft Speech to the House of Commons on His Brexit Agreement 18.10.2019 English
How to Win the Brexit Endgame: Further Advice to the Government 27.09.2019 English
Brexit: Check or Checkmate? 25.09.2019 English
Boris Johnson: With a Bound Set Free 06.09.2019 English
Tax Drink: Hurt the Poor 26.08.2019 English
Brexit: Is There a British Strategy? 19.08.2019 English
Boris Johnson: A Brief Evaluation 29.07.2019 English
What about the Workers? A Libertarian Answer 09.07.2019 English
Starve the System, Feed Yourself: The Joys of Buying Second-Hand 27.06.2019 English
Britain: A World Power Again, if by Accident? 24.12.2018 English
“Which if not Victory is Yet Revenge” Thoughts on the Tory Apocalypse 03.12.2018 English
Theresa May: A Study in Bare-Faced Wickedness 21.11.2018 English
Thoughts on the Fallen 11.11.2018 English
The Environmental Scam: One Quick and Easy Response 09.10.2018 English
Theresa May: A Qualified Defence 18.09.2018 English
Jeremy Corbyn: A View from the Right 28.08.2018 English
Activism in Daily Life: Casting Votes that Count 27.08.2018 English
Death to America? 07.08.2018 English