Nasir Khan

Nasir Khan – Doctor of philosophy, Marxist and former lecturer from Norway, who was born in Kashmir and is British citizen. 

Author publications

Title Pub Datesort descending Language
The Kashmir Conflict Needs Solution Now, Not Any War 11.10.2016 English
Why did US president G.W. Bush destroy Iraq? 22.10.2016 English
Making of History 12.11.2016 English
On the unity of workers for a socialist world order 02.01.2017 English
Socialist, philosopher and sociologist Dag Østerberg 22.03.2017 English
Unity of Pakistani State and Islamism 24.04.2017 English
The role of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in a historical perspective 07.09.2017 English
American rulers, their wars and the god 12.09.2017 English
The Sharia law and modern legal systems 07.11.2017 English
Eternal Glory to El commandante Fidel Castro 27.11.2017 English
Growing Power of Islamist Fanaticism on Pakistani Politics 08.12.2017 English
Dark Clouds of Islamism Over Pakistan 21.12.2017 English
On Proletarian Internationalism 18.01.2018 English
Freedom to choose, believe in or leave a religion 01.02.2018 English
Dictatorship of the proletariat? 08.03.2018 English
The Idea of One Democratic, Secular State in Classic Palestine 22.03.2018 English
Terrorist attack in France 26.03.2018 English
Why did the United States, Britain and France make missile attacks on Syria? 17.04.2018 English
The crime of child brides in traditional societies and cultures 03.05.2018 English
Israeli massacres of Palestinians and the Russian government 18.05.2018 English
The dominant anti-Muslim hatred in Indian Hindus 12.07.2018 English
Which way for Pakistan? 11.09.2018 English
The cancer of religious fanaticism in Pakistan 19.10.2018 English
The fanatic mobs of Pakistan are a threat to democracy and the rule of law 01.11.2018 English