László Bogár

Dr. László Bogár, former politician and leading economist.

 He received a degree in economics at the University of Karl Marx in Budapest in 1973. 1990-98. deputy of the Hungarian Parliament. 1991 PhD in Political Science and a PhD in Economic Sciences. The main direction of research - is a system of the global power structure.

Since 2002 - Professor Karoli Gaspar University Budapest. In 2011 he was awarded the State Assembly of Budapest "Pro Urbe".

1978-1989 gg. member of the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party, later one of the founders of the first democratic party in power "Hungarian Democratic Forum" (Forum Magyar Democrat). 1990-94. - State Secretary of the Ministry of International Economic Relations, 1994 again became a member of the Hungarian Parliament.

The period 1998-2002. Secretary of State and Head of Government Administration and the Center for Strategic Analysis of the government.