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The European Commission "tightens the loop" on the neck of Italy 04.06.2019 English
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Has The EU Managed to Bury The Nord Stream 2? 15.04.2019 English
Will the Indian billion become “golden” after the election? 12.04.2019 English
US and Iran declared each other terrorists 10.04.2019 English
After the “Algerian Spring” Europe can give the go-ahead to the “Turkish Stream” 07.03.2019 English
Will Trump turn DPRK into an “economic rocket”? 26.02.2019 English
India-Pakistan Conflict: Aggravation 21.02.2019 English
What to Expect from the Talks between Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani? 14.02.2019 English
Merkel Defeated Germany's Independence in the “Nord Stream-2” Question 11.02.2019 English
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