E. Coachman

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The collapse of the fleet deprives Britain of the status of a world power 03.09.2019 English
Almost no ally: Why Germany is increasingly turning away from the United States 13.08.2019 English
How the US turns into a police state 08.08.2019 English
Iran is going to execute the CIA spies 22.07.2019 English
Trump and Xi Jinping on G20: Who wins? 01.07.2019 English
How the US Uses Protests in Hong Kong 17.06.2019 English
Between the EU and the USA: Why does the British Interior Ministry want to give Assange to Washington? 14.06.2019 English
How Effective is the US Strike on Huawei? 21.05.2019 English
Masks reset: the US openly betray Europe 13.05.2019 English
The Ban on Abortion Becomes Stress Test for American Society 13.05.2019 English
How Trump pushed Germany away from the USA towards Russia again 08.05.2019 English
How Trump threatens China and why Americans will pay for it again 07.05.2019 English
How and why Amazon spies on millions of people around the world 12.04.2019 English
Why does the US impose sanctions against Europe? 09.04.2019 English
The US Plans Global Provocation in the Oil Market 03.04.2019 English
China loses the trade war to the US 29.03.2019 English
China economically Conquer Europe 27.03.2019 English
Trump vs. OPEC: What will happen to oil prices 15.03.2019 English
How Trump will punish Merkel for Nord Stream 2 13.03.2019 English
Why the United States can not be India's best friend 05.03.2019 English
"Doomsday" for Israel: Trump is going to give nuclear technology to the Saudis 22.02.2019 English
Space Becomes New Stage for the Cold War 07.02.2019 English
US-China Trade Negotiations: 1-0 in Favor of Trump 01.02.2019 English
Big cleaning: Trump named the reason for the mass dismissals of journalists in the US 30.01.2019 English