Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Author publications

Title Pub Datesort descending Language
Tsipras, Americans, Russians and Israelis English
25 years later: Russia comes back English
Third Memorandum and Democracy in Greece English
Russia – Turkey: Βehind the Confrontation 10.01.2016 English
Greece: the Revolt 04.02.2016 English
Turkey, Russia and the middle-eastern puzzle 15.02.2016 English
EU is threatening refugees and refugees threaten Europe 26.02.2016 English
"New Europe" is back, asking for new NATO enlargements 01.03.2016 English
Turning Greece into a giant concentration camp (Middle East visits EU) 03.03.2016 English
Debates in the Italian Left: Stefano Fassina on Euro and EU 14.03.2016 English
The face (and the fate) of Europe 15.03.2016 English
Terror as political instrument – Who is behind? 28.03.2016 English
Instability in Turkey 31.03.2016 English
Τhe Dutch referendum – beginning of the end for the European Union? 09.04.2016 English
Merkel, Obama and the Death of Greece 23.04.2016 English
Nuland in Nicosia – towards “regime change” in Cyprus? 02.05.2016 English
Left - Moral collapse in Greece, strategic confusion in Europe 11.05.2016 English
I am not Greek! But is Schäuble a German? 24.05.2016 English
How “German logic” turns into irrationality 09.06.2016 English
After the EU… then what? 23.06.2016 English
One Year After: Revolt Betrayed, Greece defeated 04.07.2016 English
Leila Khaled on ISIS and Islamism, Syria and the Palestinians 06.09.2016 English
Greece is not enough: Why is the EU Pressing for a “Solution” in Cyprus? 13.10.2016 English
US Presidential Elections: The Meaning of a Farce 17.10.2016 English
A More Dangerous World to come after the US Election 07.11.2016 English