Andrey Afanasyev

Author publications

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FBI technologies. How to break a person 18.07.2017 English
Can Trump start the Third World War? 11.04.2018 English
What is behind the provocation against the Russian deputies in Georgia? 21.06.2019 English
How the US Arms Problematic Regions 28.09.2016 English
Exclusive Interview with Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed al-Dairi 23.12.2017 English
The US State Department quietly declared war on Russia and China 07.06.2018 English
Information warfare: tools and methods 28.09.2017 English
New US ambassador to Russia: hawk, Mormon, Atlantist 21.07.2017 English
Israel craves a big war (But by other's hands) 18.04.2018 English
The White House Investigates Persistent Leaks of Trump's Conversations With Foreign Leaders 15.02.2017 English
Globalists' pig: WTO showed its "snout" 08.01.2018 English
Deal with the devil: What did the Catholic Cardinal do at the Bilderberg Club meeting 11.06.2018 English
Romania took a step towards the restoration of the monarchy 20.11.2017 English
Special Service's Agent: Attack On Russia is Being Prepared 15.05.2018 English
Neoliberals and globalists are pressing on Trump and Tillerson 10.08.2017 English
French Globalist Mold 15.05.2017 English
Russia's Foreign Minister blames US for ignoring multipolarity 16.01.2018 English
World Cup 2018 in Russia - the reaction of the media 18.06.2018 English
Russia moves towards Indian Ocean 29.11.2017 English
The battle for Italy 28.05.2018 English
Scandal with Iran is “very bad news” 17.08.2017 English
British Elections: Brexit not canceled 13.06.2017 English
Media write about Trump's desire to rule forever 05.03.2018 English
Matteo the exceptional: What is the secret of Salvini's political success? 17.07.2018 English
The Italian Mafia: A Key to Deconstructing EU Atlanticism 24.08.2017 English