Anastasya Z.

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Protests in France: when will they end? 14.01.2019 English
Merkel went to Greece for the sake of Macedonia joining the EU and NATO 10.01.2019 English
The EU prepares for the "nightmarish" Brexit 19.12.2018 English
US strikes at European energy security 13.12.2018 English
Macron and Merkel want to flood Europe with new flows of migrants 04.12.2018 English
What to expect from the G20 Summit 28.11.2018 English
Will the "heirs" of Merkel be able to compete with Macron? 22.11.2018 English
in Europe, supporters of traditional values can be equated to terrorists 14.11.2018 English
Will Europe throw a “lifeline” to Iran? 07.11.2018 English
Is there an alternative to the Chinese “New Silk Road”? 02.11.2018 English
What to expect from the successors of Merkel? 29.10.2018 English
Eurasian Unions in Post-Soviet Zone 18.10.2018 English
Trump Will Help Saudi Arabia to go Away With Journalist's Murder 16.10.2018 English
Ten Reasons Why Putin and Trump Must Meet 29.06.2018 English
For Iranian gas, the EU is ready to go against the dollar 17.05.2018 English
American Democracy in KO: China Lifted Limit on Xi Jinping Presidency 13.03.2018 English
Erdogan does not give Merkel a label for chancellorship 24.08.2017 English
The Anglo-Saxon sports mafia has lost its conscience 03.08.2017 English
Trump to become a "Polish king" 13.07.2017 English
Not Born this Way: Homosexuality is not genetic 05.07.2017 English
Not a very manly behavior: Macron tries to get rid of Le Pen by non-gentleman's method 03.07.2017 English
New Means of Mass Surveillance 22.06.2017 English
Trapped in Exceptionalistic Delusions 19.06.2017 English