Yemeni army and committees control the Saudi sites near the border

Tuesday, 12 July, 2016 - 17:45

Yemeni army and people's committees dominated a number of Saudi military sites near the border.

The violent fighting renewed at the border area "Harad».

In contrast Saudi coalition aircraft carried out an air raid on the "Aljar farms" at the border region "Abas".
inside Yemen, the Yemeni army and People's Committees recaptured the surrounding area of "Btabta Alramda" after fierce fighting with forces Hadi.

Yemeni Ministry of Defense announced death of 50 soldiers of Hadi forces during confrontations and to secure a number of hills, which are stationed at northeast of the capital Sanaa.

Yemeni military source pointed to the outbreak of fighting between the army and people's committees on the one hand and the forces of President Hadi, on the other hand.

Interspersed artillery mutually between the two sides while Hadi forces was trying to  of progress toward the bottom of the mountain "Yam".

Confrontations was stretched into "Marib", northeast Yemen, where Yemeni military source announced the killing and wounding dozens of Hadi forces during the control of the army and people's committees at two locations on the camp "Kofel" at west of the city of Marib.

Yemeni military source pointed to the killing and wounding of 25 fighters of Hadi forces and the destruction and damage of six military vehicles during clashes with the army and people's committees in "Almhjeh" area.