Vladimir Putin laid a a bouquet of red roses at the grave of Islam Karimov in Samarkand

Tuesday, 6 September, 2016 - 11:00

Russian President arrived at the cemetery Hazrat Khizr near Shahi Zinda memorial complex to pay tribute to the President of Uzbekistan who has recently past away.

Russian President Vladimir Putin laid a bouquet of red roses on the grave of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the cemetery Hazrat Khizr in Samarkand and paid tribute to the memory of the head of the republic.

Prior to this Putin has noted that it is possible to evaluate different aspects of modern history of Uzbekistan, but Islam Karimov, was able to preserve stability and contributed to the  development of the country.

President of Uzbekistan, died September 2 in the age of 78 as a result of cardiac arrest after suffering a stroke.

More background form Katehon:

The process of transferring power is always associated with some instability which Islamist groups will try to take advantage of. The US is also interested in weakening the SCO’s Southern flank, which includes Uzbekistan.

Islam Karimov has ruled the country since independence in 1991. The general style of his foreign policy is maneuvering between the US, Russia and China. However, since 2005 and the uprising in Andidzhan, Karimov initiated rapprochement with Russia. Islamist groups (the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, ISIS networks, and the Taliban) with a foothold in neighboring Afghanistan and the separatist movement in Karakalpakstan might be important factors in destabilizing the situation in the country.