US signs investment contracts with Libyans

Tuesday, 5 February, 2019 - 12:30

The US delegation visited the city of Shekhat in Libya.

It includes an adviser to the US government and a former deputy secretary of defense in the Bush administration, as well as a communications expert for the United States.

The goal is to implement investment projects in Libya, such as seaports (Sousse) and power stations in the Libyan east.

 On February 4, the American delegation met with the director of the Shekhat Company, which is involved in the power industry, and signed a contract for an investment project of about one billion dollars to build two power plants.

By the way, American equipment will be delivered by cargo aircraft. Therefore, the following projects are being discussed with American and European companies - the expansion of existing airports in Libya and the construction of new ones, as well as the creation of a transport company.