US plays political, military games in region through ISIS says retired Syrian general

A prominent retired Syrian general and analyst blasted the US for its double-standard human rights approach towards different countries, and said Washington is using the ISIL terrorist group to attain its political and military goals in the region.

"The ISIL is still the main pawn of the US political-military chess game in the region," Brigadier General Kamal Ali Aizauq told FNA on Tuesday.

He referred to the ISIS crimes in the region, specially the recent massacre of children, women and the elderly in Deir Ezzur, Syria, and the UN and other international bodies' indifference to such crimes, and said, "This is the result of the US double-standard policy which dictates its will on the western world and the UN."

In relevant remarks late December, Qais Khazali, a leader of Iraqi Shiite fighters, said that the US doesn’t want to resolve the crisis and put an end to the ISIS. On the contrary, it’s eager to exploit the jihadists “to achieve its projects in Iraq”.

"We believe the United States of America does not want to resolve the crisis, but rather wants to manage the crisis,” Qais Khazali, a leader of Asaib Ahl al-Haq (AAH), an Iraqi Shiite paramilitary group, said.

According to Khazali, Washington “does not want to end Daesh (an Arabic term for ISIL/ISIS).”

“(The US) wants to exploit Daesh to achieve its projects in Iraq and in the region. The American project in Iraq is to repartition the region," he added.