US continues to support ISIS and lies about it

Friday, 12 August, 2016 - 17:15

Again facts and reports support views about American suspicious roles on extremist and terrorist movements in the "Middle East" and this time from within the Congress itself.

What this report by US House of Representatives about manipulation inside the US military command in intelligence assessments about the fight against "ISIS" has accused is that US military officials painted a picture of a more optimistic view of the efforts of the United States in the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, this came to reaffirm the lack of seriousness of United States in the war against ISIS and its Inaction to contribute to the eventual elimination of this organization so that highlights once again the question of the relationship between Washington and this criminal organization and this time by lying in reports on efforts related to daash in order to say that there are traces of the seriousness US military efforts against ISIS while the truth is otherwise.

While it is known that the "international coalition" announced first alleged raids on "Daash" in September 2014, it has been shown, according to Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo that  "Since mid-2014 until mid-2015 commands of US forces officials in the Middle East (CENTCOM) manipulated with informations intelligence in order to reduce the danger posed by the organization Daash in Iraq. "

Not far from this, comes the US presidential candidate Donald Trump, who acuses the current US administration as "ISIS's Foundation ". Trump said on Thursday: "Obama and Clinton are the" most valuable players "for the organization"ISIS".