Trump attacked the "loser-McCain"

Thursday, 9 February, 2017 - 18:45

President Donald Trump has criticized Republican Senator John McCain. According to the American leader, precisely because of people like him, the country is mired in conflicts around the world.  White House on his page on Twitter.

Trump also said that McCain should not express his opinions about the success of the United States military campaigns, as he had long forgotten how to win.

"Senator McCain should not talk about the success or failure of our operations in the interviews with the media. It only encourages the enemy! He loses d already so long that it had forgotten how to win, "- the US president said.

"Look at the mess, which was our country - we are mired in conflicts around the world," Trump also added "The head of the United States also called on America to "wise up and start winning again."

Earlier, the senator called the raid in Yemen conducted by US Special unsuccessfully .