Thousands marched in Venezuela

Thursday, 13 October, 2016 - 12:30

In Venezuela the mass anti-American actions has begun in The Day of Indigenous Resistance, which is widely celebrated in Latin American countries.

The aim of this thousand’s March is to express «rejection of the imperialist pretensions against the people of South America» and to support the Venezuelan government in the fight against Washington, who initiated the new provocation against the constitutional government.

Vice-President Aristóbulo Istúriz also emphasized that this march is a warning to the White House. People are ready to fight for their homeland.

The Minister of Indigenous Peoples Aloha Núñez confirmed his participation in the march and said that he would mark this day during the actions in supporting the President Nicolás Maduro.

It needs to be mentioned that the non-governmental organizations controlled by the US confirmed about their readiness to gather 20 % of votes, which were necessary for the preparation of the referendum about the resignation of the president. However, during the last attempt they could collect only about 1% of votes.