Syrian army regains large areas South-West of Aleppo

Monday, 31 October, 2016 - 13:30

Syrian army supporting by Russian Air forces regained control of the town «Mnyan» after a massive attack on the south and west of Aleppo axes, and the army has also got control on large parts of the residential suburb «Dahiat al-Assad» after violent clashes with the militants.

In the countryside of Damascus the Syrian army imposed its control over «Tal Kurdi» and «Tal soran» areas after fierce battles with the armed group.

Military source pointed out that the «Army of Islam» sent appeals to another groups in order to get military reinforcements, but all his appeals «fell on deaf ears».

During the process, dozens of armed terrorists was eliminated, mostly from the «Jabhat Alnussra» and fighters from so-called «Army of Conquest», as a military source reported to the «SANA» agency, stressing that the outcome of the military operation was the cordoning off the terrorist groups that crept into some of the blocks in the «Assad residential suburb» and inflicted heavy losses in equipment and fighters in addition to the arrest of many of them.

Yesterday the Syrian army in cooperation with the Allies got control on «Tal shaaer», the important «Infantry School», «Vavin», «Almuslmiah Cement factory» and «Tal Suseen» in the north countryside to the north of Aleppo.

In Daraa, a city in southwestern Syria, the Syrian army faced with armed groups while trying to control the «abandoned battalion» in the northern countryside of Daraa, which led to great losses of their fighters and equipment.