Syria: terrorists beg truce after Clinton’s defeat

Thursday, 10 November, 2016 - 12:45

The united terrorist group, consisted of such organizations as «Jabhat Ansar al-Din» and «Levanta», has launched a video statement, in which terrorists were asking about the beginning of peace talks and a ceasefire in Syria.

This statement has appeared against the background of the successful operations of Syrian army in Aleppo, the approach of "Admiral Kuznetsov" to Syrian shores, which now carrying out training flights and other war games near Greece and Cyprus, and, of course, the US defeat of supporting terrorists mode.

However, yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his statement in the Kremlin, that Moscow would contribute an Inter-Syrian dialogue as the solution to the crisis depended on diplomatic talks.

Vladimir Putin said: «Russia together with the interested countries contribute launching an Inter-Syrian dialogue. We are convinced that the solution of the Syrian conflict should be political».