“Stop killing us”: Police brutality provokes riots in the US

Thursday, 28 May, 2020 - 11:11

In the United States in Minneapolis, riots raged the second day. It provoked the cruelty, which the police showed during the detention of African-American George Floyd. Now the protesters are ruining everything and demanding from the authorities: "Stop killing us."

The second day in Minneapolis riots erupt. It all started with the brutal detention of African-American George Floyd. One of the policemen pressed his neck to the asphalt for a long time, despite the fact that the man was literally wheezing that he could not breathe. Floyd died, and the Americans poured out into the street with protests.

“Stop killing us” is one of the key demands of the protesters. In addition, people demand to punish those responsible for the death of the detainee.

Records from Minneapolis show a crowd that destroys everything that comes across it on the road, including cars, shops. People burn American flags, paint the entrance to the police stations with paint. 

Amid the riots, looters also appeared. After a series of attacks on stores, sturdy men who call themselves "heavily armed rednecks" began to take out stores and restaurants under their protection.