Spanish Police Seize €10mn Worth of Black Market Weapons

Monday, 16 January, 2017 - 15:00

Spanish authorities said up to 12,000 black-market weapons were seized earlier this week in the country, including some capable of bringing down aircraft.

The haul comprised illegally reactivated decommissioned weapons, which have been used by terrorists in Europe.

Police arrested four men and woman,  all Spanish nationals, who had been operating a sophisticated trafficking network in several provinces across the country under the front of a historical weapons workshop that bought supposedly decorative firearms.

The purchased weapons were then restored and sold on the black market throughout Europe.

Among the weapons seized were vintage Smith & Wesson revolvers, CETME, Bergmann, and Beretta rifles, and even heavier anti-aircraft machine guns, with the total value of the haul estimated at approximately €10 million on the black market.