A sodomite will replace Merkel

Tuesday, 30 August, 2016 - 14:30

The Guardian newspaper said that a member of the party "Christian Democratic Union" (HDZ), Jens Spahn can replace Angela Merkel to the post of Federal Chancellor.

Jens Spahn is a sodomite.

Spahn may be the next candidate to lead the Christian Democratic Union. “A political path like mine would certainly have been rockier 10 years ago,” he admitted. When he first ran as a candidate in the deeply Catholic Münsterland region, some in his party ran a smear campaign to stop him. “Obviously, it didn’t work.”

But he rejects the idea that his lifestyle runs counter to his politics. “I don’t see the contradiction. Germany’s dominant culture and lifestyle has become a lot more liberal in the last 10 years, whether you are looking at gays and lesbians or at immigration. But my biggest fear is that this new openness is under pressure – from a very conservative form of Islam and a rightwing backlash against immigration – and that we will have to fight very hard to preserve it.”

Katehon experts comment on this:

The pro-sodomite agenda that is pushed upon Europe for the last two decades has achieved its major goals. German society is indeed liberal enough to consider such a deviant candidate as a norm. This shows the moral and spiritual "Downfall of Europe" that is taking place. The fact that the party is labeled as Christian further more attributes to the bitter irony of the current state of EU.