The secret transaction of Berlin and Tel Aviv

Sunday, 23 October, 2016 - 15:45

Berlin and Tel Aviv held secret talks about purchasing nuclear submarines. The two sides are reported to have reached an agreement, but the documents have not been signed. The transaction is most likely to be completed in November.

According to the received information, Israel is going to buy three submarines in next decade, the price of which is extremely discounted. $ 1.3 billion is planning to be spent.

One of the Israeli commanders said: «Drones that fly in the air can be shot down,” he said, “but a submarine can stay in enemy territory for weeks, and no one knows it’s there. It can lurk off coastal regions without any problem at all. The level of intelligence this brings is not heard about by the public. All of our operations build on past operations».

Israel plans can be considered as new provocations likely against Iran.