Russian Professor Alexander Dugin denied entry to Greece

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016 - 20:45

The famous Russian philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin was denied entry onto the territory of Greece. He was informed at the passport control of Thessaloniki airport that he was denied entry to the European Union at the request of Hungary. He has been unable to obtain detailed information as to the reasons why he was denied entry by Greek border guards.

Alexander Dugin was heading to Mount Athos for the lighting of the historic visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill. Since Dugin is the editor in chief of the Russian conservative TV channel "Tsargrad," the actions of the Greek authorities are an obvious infringement on the rights of media professionals and a disregard of international law.

In the near future, the incident will be legally assessed by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Most likely, the response will be the introduction of sanctions against a number of Greek and Hungarian officials.

 Alexander Dugin comments on this:

I spent more than eight hours waiting for the decision of the Greek authorities in Thessaloniki airport. Officially, the reason for the refusal to allow me passage to the territory of Greece was sanctions from Hungary. Surprisingly, I haven't visited this country in 25 years. Hungary made the corresponding decision in 2014, but it was not a barrier to enter other EU countries. It is clear that those who detained me had no idea of ​​when, by whom and how the sanctions were imposed. Hence, the real reason was not in the Hungarian ruling, but it was something else.