The resumption of direct flights between the United States and Libya is expeted

Tuesday, 12 March, 2019 - 20:35

The American company Colmen received a grant from the US Department of State for the implementation of the program for the reconstruction and provision of aviation security at three Libyan airports. Thus, these Libyan airports will be under the American "dome".

Based on coordination between the Libyan Foreign Office and the United States Embassy in Libya, and meetings held during the last period, including the Airports Authority, the US Department of State signed a contract with Culmen International, an American company specializing in security, logistics and airport technology. in several countries of the world.

We are talking about three major airports, namely at the airports of Tripoli, Maitik and Misrata. The program will be fully funded by a grant from the US government under the US program to support Libya.

The agreement provides for the reconstruction of Libyan airports and training programs for airport management staff and other security services operating at airports and servicing equipment, including security.

The American company will develop a national security strategy for Libyan civil aviation with the goal of increasing security and the ability to track threats, as well as standard operating procedures to mitigate these threats.