Protests in Brazil

Friday, 11 November, 2016 - 12:45

Trade unions joined the unceasing protests in Brazil. They brought the workers onto the streets, protesting against the austerity measures introduced by the Nemer Government.

The organizers of the protests - Unified Workers' Central (la Central Única de Trabajadoras (CUT), la Central General de los Trabajadores de Brasil (CGTB) and la Central de los Trabajadores y Trabajadoras de Brasil (CTB) united their efforts in the fight against the illegitimate government.

Secretary General of the CUT Sergio Nobre said that the present government is committed not only to lower wages, but also to the privatization of enterprises, ensuring the country's economy, which will lead to the collapse of the system for the benefit of transnational corporations. Moreover, the workers are dissatisfied with the reduction of state spending in the social sectors such as health and education.