Presidential elections postponed In Austria

Monday, 12 September, 2016 - 15:30

Re-election of the President of Austria, scheduled for October 2 postponed indefinitely. This was stated on Monday, September 12th. The media reported citing Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka.

"It could be 27 November, maybe December 4," - he said.

The minister added that the decision on the election date must be voted in parliament: for a certain date should vote for more than two-thirds of the deputies.

Transfer of the election was due to the "fact" that for sealing envelopes for voting by mail are using a "low-quality glue". As a result of the envelopes with the ballots could be opened and the forms themselves could be invalidated.

Katehon experts state on this:

The weak glue is in fact a poor excuse for the cover-up of the real reason of the delay. The fear of the liberal globalist elite that FPO might win.