President of Austria caught violating lockdown rule

Tuesday, 26 May, 2020 - 17:04

“After a major violation by Federal President Van der Bellen regarding applicable Corona regulations, the responsible authority must now take action quickly,” FPÖ Secretary General Michael Schnedlitz said Monday. The head of state should be treated in the same way as "those 40,000 citizens who allegedly violated the same rules."

The FPÖ politician warned that unequal treatment between the federal president and the population would not be sustainable in a democracy. “Thus, the head of state mocked the population, which was heavily plagued by the insanity of the Crown government and which adhered to black and green rules, no matter how meaningless,” said Schnedlitz.

Van der Bellen was caught by the police with drinks on a table on the terrace of an Italian restaurant in downtown Vienna on Sunday night at eight past eleven. Corona rules require restaurants to close at 11 p.m. Restaurateurs who violate this must pay a fine of up to 30,000 euros.

“I went out to eat for the first time since I locked up with two friends and my wife. Then we chatted and, unfortunately, lost time, ”van der Bellen said on Twitter. "I'm sorry. It was a mistake. "He also declared:" If the owner suffers any damage, I will be responsible for this. "

Schnedlitz demanded that the responsible authorities take measures and “file a statement of persecution with the National Council”. The law applies to everyone "and immunity should not protect in such a case." It would be advisable for van der Bellen to file a voluntary declaration, "because it would be appropriate, given the situation."

FPÖ Tyrolean leader Markus Abwerzger tweeted: “What do we do now? I can recall that the young statesman FPÖ was forced to resign due to pressure from the media. They do as they please, although everyone else must follow the rules. Idol? Pooh! "

The Abvertsger referred to the Styrian parliamentarian Gerhard Hirschman. The FPÖ politician, along with three other people, was caught in a celebration in the club room, despite Corona restrictions on March 21. After the incident and reports throughout Austria, he announced that he would "leave all the functions in the Freedom Party."

FPÖ Heiligenkreuz am Waasen announced, however, that Hirschmann will be the main candidate in the upcoming municipal council elections.