Poland will teach "NATO lessons" in schools

Monday, 23 May, 2016 - 15:15

Alongside classes in civic studies and national history, Polish schoolchildren have a new subject: "Nato lessons".

The Polish authorities are planning to give schools the "opportunity" in the next two months to conduct classes about the role of NATO in the country.

According to a source close to the defense departments of the country, these lessons reflect the “fundamental role of NATO for the independence and sovereignty of Poland.

"Sovereignty" in these case means the submission to the US globalist elite.

Recentley Poland has launched a wave of arrests against anti-NATO activists.

The arrest of Mateusz Piskorski  is a manifestation of growing political repression and preventive measures before the upcoming NATO summit.

Bartosz Bekier - a political analyst gave a comment for Katehon:

Recently we could observe in Poland some attempts to use grotesque pretexts in order to take actions against civil liberties and freedom of speech due to planned NATO summit in Warsaw. At this point, case of Mateusz Piskorski could be assumed as one of them. It seems like the chief of the Internal Security Agency Mariusz Kamiński is acting on the external political request, or he just wants to prove himself and the Agency to his supervisors. In any case, I think that Polish security forces should rather concentrate on the issue of American and EU proxies working against the current Polish government, then taking actions against marginal anti-NATO groups. Repressions against those small parties are simply pointless, but this way is much easier though.