Nikolić paid former U.S. ambassador William Montgomery €7,500 per hour for nothing

Friday, 27 January, 2017 - 14:30

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić paid William Montgomery 7,500 euros per hour. Montgomery was US Ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro.

For what did the former ambassador get such amounts of money? According to Montgomery himself, almost nothing special. He had to prepare some “reports” and “recommendations”, which were never written. In fact, Montgomery did nothing. According to his 2012 Supplemental Statement, the former ambassador had “several conversations with members of the SNS”, “recommendations to the Serbian Progressive Party" and “sporadic conversations with political leaders, diplomats and others in the region”.

“My work for the Serbian Progressive Party – Montgomery told the Justice Department – has been very limited. Perhaps an hour a month”, said William Montgomery.

But all those talks cost Tomislav Nikolić tens of thousands of euros.