Named the date and venue of the meeting of Putin and Kim Jong-un

Monday, 22 April, 2019 - 20:59

The first meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with North Korean head Kim Jong-un is overgrown with new details. It became known that the leaders will meet in Vladivostok on April 25. The head of North Korea will arrive in Russia on an armored train, where his father Kim Jong Il came to Russia just as well.

The limousine of the DPRK head will also be loaded onto the train. So that he could leave, the entrance to the gates of the Vladivostok station had to be specially deepened by 20 cm, a source familiar with the situation said.

It is noted that the armored train was not chosen by chance as the vehicle of the North Korean leader. The head of the DPRK has a private jet, this is an IL-62 airliner delivered in Soviet times in the “Salon” configuration, but it is used only for domestic flights. Due to harsh sanctions, which, in particular, apply to luxury items, Kim Jong-un cannot acquire a more modern and safer model. That is why the choice fell on a proven armored train.

The main topic of the talks between the heads of Russia and the DPRK is likely to be cooperation in those areas that are not affected by international sanctions. Now most of the potential areas of cooperation are closed. Nevertheless, even the very fact of a summit meeting with the Russian president strengthens the position of the head of the DPRK. This is especially important in light of the negotiations between North Korea and the United States. A visit to Russia can be used as an additional factor of pressure on the United States.

According to Kommersant, the DPRK leader will spend the night of April 23-24 in the North Korean city of Rajin on the coast of the East (Japan) Sea, and after that will go towards Russia. After the talks, Vladimir Putin will fly to China, and the DPRK leader will spend another day in Vladivostok, where a cultural program has been prepared for him. Kim Jong-eun will visit the sights, as well as the places where his father Kim Jong Il came in 2002.