Moldovan liberals counteract new president

Sunday, 11 December, 2016 - 16:45

Parliament of Moldova, most of the places in which are occupied by the pro-Western liberals, passed the law. According to it, Information and Security Service, as well as the Presidential Guard and Courier Service, responsible for correspondence, constitutes a state secret is going to move in the zone of the Parliament’s responsibility.

The elected president Igor Dodon has said that after his inauguration he will sue in the Constitutional Court and will seek the abolition of all taken recently laws and regulations, as well as the agreement with NATO on opening the Alliance office in Chișinău.

However, the inauguration could happen only after checking all complaints of electoral organization, which is used by liberals constantly feeding new statements to the Parliament. So a great number of laws restricting the president's power could be passed.

The tense political situation in Moldova continues against the background of the presidential elections in Transnistria and the parliamentary ones in Romania.