Massive Mobilizations in Brazil Against Rousseff's Impeachment

Brazilian social movements are taking to the streets on Wednesday to reject an impeachment process launched by embattled opposition leader Eduardo Cunha against President Dilma Rousseff.
“There will be thousands of us in the streets on Dec. 16, 2015. It will be the National Day of Action against Impeachment, fiscal austerity and calling for the resignation of Cunha. We invite all Brazilians to participate,” Brazil’s largest labor union, the CUT, said in a press release.
The rally will include the participation of more than 70 grassroots organizations, including the Landless Workers Movement, which has vowed to defend the Rousseff government and the country's democracy through street mobilizations.
“The objective for Brazilian people is to see the expansion of rights, the deepening and strengthening of democracy and popular reforms. The impeachment is a clear setback towards these goals,” the statement added.