Libyans suppressed an attempt to smuggle to Europe artifacts of antiquity

Thursday, 7 February, 2019 - 14:25

The central security forces have stopped smuggling of a number of archaeological manuscripts, an archaeological statue, a large number of golden lions and an egg-shaped artifact, as well as an outdated piece of fig leaves with a mirror engraving and a small artifact.

Tajura Central Security Management Department made a statement that smuggling should have arrived in the capital from the eastern port of Tajura.

The vehicle was searched during a standard vehicle check.

The smugglers' plan was to send these manuscripts from the south of Libya, and then go to the city of Zliten, and then to the capital and from there to Tunis, and from Tunisia to Europe.

Tajura’s Directorate General for Security Administration handed over a seized collection of archaeological materials to the General Prosecutor’s Office in Tripoli.