Lavrov and Kishida discuss Kuril Islands’ issue

Saturday, 3 December, 2016 - 14:45

Sergey Lavrov held talks with Fumio Kishida. During their meeting they discussed the issue of the disputed territories.

However, despite the primacy of this issue to the Japanese side and the interest in it all over the world, it did not become the center of discussion. The economic cooperation was mostly discussed. Lavrov stressed that the active work is going on «the plan of Shinzo Abe». Moreover, Tokyo, unlike Russia, interprets this economic cooperation as part of the operation for transfering the Kuril Islands.

Nevertheless, both sides expressed the desire to a peaceful resolution of the situation with the contract. They also agreed that the complex and long-term work was going to be. But Lavrov, being asked about the Declaration of 1956, providing for the transfer of the islands of Habomai and Shikotan, said that «Russia as a state successor of the Soviet Union is follower of this document». He also added that the changes occurred in the world politics for 60 years, needed to be reflected in a future peace agreement. In addition, any transfer of territory may take place only after it will be signed.

Among other things, the ministers pointed out that they were going to look for a solution that would take the public of the two countries.