Japanese accounts of Yahoo hacked and stolen

Wednesday, 19 October, 2016 - 17:45

Yahoo Japan Corp. warns its users about the possible hack of the system, as a result of which probably 22 million accounts had been stolen.

The corporation said in a statement: «We don’t know if the file (of 22 million user IDs) was leaked or not, but we can’t deny the possibility, given the volume of traffic between our server and external terminals».

36% of the stock is owned by the Japanese company, while a smaller part of company is owned by the American giant Yahoo! Inc.

The reason of hacking is not known for sure. However, in light of recent events connecting with the Japanese owner of the majority stake in Yahoo, there is the impression that hacking was initiated by Washington in order to prevent a major deal with Saudi Arabia and to call into question the cooperation of Tokyo and Moscow in this sphere.


Among other things, Yahoo! Inc is known for hacking accounts of its users in the interest of the CIA and other US intelligence agencies.