Japan extends the mission in South Sudan

Wednesday, 12 October, 2016 - 09:45

The Japan's Defense Minister Tomomi Inada, after her returning from South Sudan, said that the representatives of Japan's Self-Defense Forces there will not be dangerous for the citizens due to the unstable situation in Africa.

Accordingly, the mission, which began in 2012, can be extended, which means the recently signed agreement with Washington, in spite of the government's attempts to evacuate the staff in July this year.

The agreement, which came into force in March, provides for «collective self-defense», that is actually allows the troops of a foreign state (obviously, USA), to stay in the country without the agreement neither with the management nor with the locals. In addition to it, Japan's self-defense forces will participate in the US operations, the international activity, including the «humanitarian» operation in South Sudan.

The opposition considers this agreement as a violation of the constitution of the country and a big step towards desovereignization. Moreover, this document is criticized because of the dangers to which Japanese citizens have to undergo, taking part in the numerous military campaigns in Washington.

That’s why Tomomi Inada has taken a trip to the African country for smoothing over the discussion a little. But the local opposition has already declared about the bias in the conclusions of the secretary of defense.