An indictment was prepared for Fethullah Gülen

Thursday, 1 September, 2016 - 10:15

The prosecutor of the Turkish province of Izmir Zafer Dur said, identifying the financial connections of the Gülen movement, which operates in a similar way the Mormons and Scientologists do. He adds that all three groups have been created by the CIA.

The indictment says that "the CIA organizes these sects with the purpose of with the society by means of non-governmental organizations." This is a system, which was created  for many years. Gulen's sect are active in education, politics, culture, according to the prosecutor. It has been emphasizes that without international support Gülen would not be able to achieveall this.

In addition, Gülen was accused of working for the CIA, MI6 "and also inelegance of some other countries."