Hypersonic missiles may appear in Russia at the beginning of 2020

Monday, 31 October, 2016 - 20:30

The first samples of hypersonic missiles may appear in Russia in the beginning of next decade, as saying Tactical Missile Systems Corporation general director Boris Obnosov.

Boris Obnosov reported: «We are preparing a scientific and technological basis for the creation of hypersonic aircrafts. If everything will be developing complexly, so at the beginning of next decade we will be able to see a real product, which will fly at hypersonic speeds in the atmosphere».

According to his statement, designers are searching for materials capable of withstanding high temperatures during hypersonic flights.  They also try to create a liquid rocket engine with an acceptable price and overall characteristics.

Earlier Obnosov stated that the creation of the rocket program was developed together with many institutions and companies.  At least, 12 working groups were established. The document was approved by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Moreover, the possible date of the creation of the first flight model has been identified. It will be expected by 2020.